Title : COMOKIT- A Modeling Kit to Understand, Analyze and Compare the impacts of mitigation 
    policies against the COVID-19 pandemic at the Scale of City
Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Benoit Gaudou, UMMISCO/IRD and University Toulouse 1 Capital, France
Duration       : 2 hours
Workshop 2  
Title : Meaningful Mathematics Teaching Pedagogy, a Sustainable Method to Empower HOTs & 
    Metacognitive of Students
Speaker Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ang Miin Huey, School of Mathematical Sciences, USM
Duration : 2 hours
Workshop 3  
Title   Unboxing Topological Data Analysis 
Speaker Assoc. Prof. Dr. R.U. Gobithaasan, School of Ocean Engineering Technology & Informatics, UMT
Duration : 2 hours
Workshop 4  
Title   : Creating Your First Interactive Tableau Dashboard for Data Visualisation
Speaker : Dr. Teh Sin Yin, School of Management, USM
Duration : 2 hours
Workshop 5  
Title : How to Gamify Your Math Classroom
Speakers Dr. Ahmad Lutfi Amri Ramli and Dr. Yazariah Mohd Yatim, School of Mathematical Sciences, USM
Duration 2 hours