Math Made Easy with Technology

Dr Maisarah Haji Mohd
Dr Nur Nadiah Abd Hamid
Dr Mohd Hafiz Mohd   
School of Mathematical Sciences, USM

Workshop Synopsis

Optimizing the potential of technology allows us to increase our proficiency in a subject. Online websites for examples, offer a variety of lesson plans and virtual manipulation. It is vital for us to have an admission to technologies that support and advance the mathematical sense making, reasoning, problem solving, and communication. 

We will use WolframAlpha and Symbolab in engaging participants for some topics in this workshop. These free accessible websites are two among hundreds of online applications that can be utilized in class.

We have also designed online quizzes using Kahoot! for fun and game-like learning environment.


  • To equip the participants with the basics of WolframAlphaSymbolab and Kahoot!.
  • To demonstrate the use of WolframAlpha and Symbolab in solving simple mathematical problems.
  • To demonstrate various teaching approaches using WolframAlphaSymbolab and Kahoot!.

Who should attend: 

This workshop is suitable for teachers interested in adding a touch of technology in their classrooms.  


Please bring your own laptop for this workshop. Your laptop should have any internet browser.