Explore Ratios And Scales With Graphing Calculators

Dr Pumadevi Sivasubramaniam 
Ms Nurul Shahhida Abu Bakar
IPG Raja Melewar

Workshop Synopsis

This workshop provides a hands-on experience for participants to explore ratios and scales using lines. The power of the graphing calculator will illustrate a fun-filled lesson which everyone will enjoy. Even if you have never used a graphing calculator you will be able to master the operation during the workshop in a matter of minutes. The content of the workshop has been tried out in schools (with students and teachers) and the results have proved to have positive effects on students understanding and ability to aid understanding of ratios and scales. It also aids teachers to overcome pedagogical difficulties in teaching ratios and scales.  The workshop is based on the theory of distributed cognition which claims that when a powerful tool such as the graphing calculator takes over routine tasks such as drawing of lines and routine calculations, it allows students to focus on more relevant activities such as understanding the calculations. In addition to all these exciting features, the workshop will also provide a means to evaluate understanding using HOTS items.