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Gamified-mathematics for Teaching and Learning for School Students

Dr Ahmad Lutfi Amri Ramli   
School of Mathematical Sciences, USM

Workshop Synopsis

While Mathematics is being perceived as a boring subject, there are various approaches can be taken to make a class more exciting. Interactive Learning Experience is a concept of making a class more effective with two-way interaction and hands-on activities.

Gamification is an approach to create a game out of something. This workshop will discuss the idea, concept and integrate it into an interactive learning experience with Mathematics for school students. Participants will experience hands-on activities and learn how to gamify different topics in the syllabus.

This workshop will also concentrate on using non-technological-devices to cater to the current situation where there is limited availability of computers and internet in a class setting.


  • To equip the participants with concept of gamification.
  • To demonstrate the development of gamified learning for Mathematics.

Who should attend: 

This workshop is targeted to school teachers but is also opened for other educators.

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