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We are thrilled to announce our upcoming workshops for MathTech 2024! Enroll now by clicking here. Join us for the following exciting sessions:


Workshop 1

 Title    :   Numerical Tools for Systems of Delay Differential Equations
 Speaker    : Prof. Dr. Juancho Collera
 Affiliation    : Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of the Philippines Baguio
 Duration    : 2 hours


Workshop 2

 Title    :   Don’t Make Ugly Graphs, Make Beautiful Graphs with GRID in R!
 Speaker    : Prof. Dr. Alex Cook
 Affiliation    : Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, NUS, Singapore
 Duration    : 2 hours


Workshop 3

 Title    :   Mastering PhotoMath for Educators
 Speaker    : Ts. Dr. Mageswaran a/l Sanmugam
 Affiliation    : Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, USM
 Duration    : 2 hours


Workshop 4

 Title    :   Business Insights with Graph Theory
 Speaker    : Ts. Dr. Wan Nor Munirah Ariffin
 Affiliation    : UTHM and The Management Science/Operations Research Society of Malaysia (MSORSM)
 Duration    : 2 hours


Workshop 5

 Title    :   Image Classification, Identification and Near Miss Detection Using You Only Look Once (YOLO) From CCTV Data
 Speaker    : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Sufril Azlan Mohamed and Dr. Majid Khan Majahar Ali
 Affiliation    : School of Mathematical Science, USM
 Duration    : 2 hours



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