Mathtech 2022

Mathtech 2022: Programme - Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation

Poster presentation was held in Room A on Day 3 of MathTech2022 from 2.40pm - 4.00pm. Larger version of posters are no longer available for viewing.

Poster 1 
Baguio City’s COVID-19 Deaths, Age, and Vaccination Status and Their Association 
J. Viernes, R. Addawe, C. Libatique, S. Domilies, J. Marigmen, A. Pajimola, J. Punzalan and D. Panes
Poster 2 
A Note on Invariant Time Linear System over Semiring 
Gregoria Ariyanti and Ana Easti Rahayu Maya Sari
Poster 3 
Modelling Bed Availability Percentage During COVID-19 using ARIMA Model 
Mursyidah Nasrudin and Nur Qurratu Ain Hamdan
Poster 4 
Modeling and Animation of “The Diary of a Mountain Tree”: A 3D Animation Short Story 
Shameemi Musthafa and Nur Fathihah Rosli
Poster 5 
The Application of GIS-Based Spatial Modelling in the Study of COVID-19 in Asia 
Jiun Guan Wong and Min Jun Lim
Poster 6 
Mathematical Dynamics and Simulation of a Pertussis Model of Infants with Passive Immunity 
Aisha Aliyu Yakubu