Mathtech 2022

Mathtech 2022: Participants - Call for Publication

Call for Publication


Previous Publication

We are pleased to inform you that the selected manuscripts from MathTech 2020 had been published in  the International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (IJMCS) (indexed in ESCI–WoS,  Scopus, and MathScinet) without additional charges. You can access the papers here.

The remaining papers of MathTech 2020 have been published in AIP Conference Proceeding (Volume 2423) in November 2021 and can be accessed here.

MathTech 2018 AIP Conference Proceeding (Volume 2184) is published online here

We appreciate all your support. Thank you for being a part of MathTech 2020!

Call for Publication

MathTech 2022 presenters are invited to submit their original full manuscripts online through their respective EZConf accounts before the stated deadline. The manuscript must adhere to the guidelines below. Refereed and accepted manuscripts will be published in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Proceedings series (indexed in CPCI–WoS and Scopus) OR instead, selected manuscripts will be eligible for consideration by one of the following journals, subject to further double review.

• Chiang Mai Journal of Science (SCIE-WoS, Scopus)

• International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (ESCI–WoS, Scopus, MathScinet)

• MATEMATIKA: Malaysian Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ESCI-WoS, MathScinet)

If accepted by the respective journals, they will be published without additional charges.

Full Paper Guidelines

1. The full manuscript must be submitted using the AIP MS Word or LaTex2e templates. Please follow the following AIP guidelines when preparing your paper.

AIP MS Word template
AIP LaTex2e class
AIP Preparing Your Manuscript

2. Your manuscript must not exceed 8 pages (including references). However, if your manuscript belongs to the scope of pure mathematics, then it should not exceed 6 pages (including references).

3. The Turnitin similarity index of the manuscript must be less than 20%.

4. All submissions will be subjected to single blind peer-review and should consist of original work that has not been published and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere concurrently.

5. Accepted papers must be presented during the conference to be included in the conference proceedings or selected for publications in one of the above journals.

6. If your manuscript is selected and agreed to be considered for publication in one of the above journals, you are required to prepare it according to the journal’s paper format and adhere to the Turnitin similarity index requirement, before resubmitting it to the journal. It will then undergo further review by the journal. If accepted by the respective journal, your paper will be published in the journal without additional charges, instead of the conference proceedings. Further instructions will be provided later. The journals have made a consensus with MathTech 2022 to ensure smooth completion of this further review.